5 Top Business Essentials for Amazon, Shopify & Etsy Sellers


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Hey Babes! Congrats on your new Amazon, Shopify or Esty Store!! Those orders will be rolling in soon so take a moment and get prepared to ship!

Shipping your e-commerce packages is fun and rewarded. You actually get the experience the fruits of your labor in real time. Just as important, shipping requires the right tools to streamline the process. Here are 5 essential shipping tools I highly recommend. Tap on the blue links to view and purchase them directly on Amazon. 

  1. Packaging Materials: Secure packaging is crucial to protect items during transit. Stock up on various packaging materials including shipping boxes, poly mailers, padded envelopes. Use bubble wrap and craft paper to fill empty spaces in packages and prevent items from shifting during transit.
  2. Scale: A digital scale helps you determine the precise weight of each package. This is crucial for calculating the size of your products to configure the correct shipping costs and selecting the appropriate shipping method.
  3. Shipping Software or Platform: If you're an Amazon seller, your portal is inside Seller Central allows you to fulfill your FBM orders with ease. If you're fulfiling your orders from Shopify or Etsy, STAMPS.COM is a great shipping platform to use and can easily integrate with your shopify store with shipping carriers. This allows you to generate shipping labels, track packages, and manage orders efficiently.
  4. Thermal Printer / LabelWriter:  The iDPRT Thermal Printer is a cost-effective alternative to a full-size label printer because you'll be able to print without the need of ink or toner. The Rollo LabelWriter is a priced a little higher but often compared to the Dymo, with the same great quality. 
  5. Shipping Labels: High-quality 4x6 shipping labels for clear and professional address labels. This ensures accurate delivery and minimizes errors. The iDPRT & Rollo compatible labels are also peel and stick which elimates using excess tape and gives your package a polished look.

Having these tools in place ensures that you're well-equipped to handle the packaging and shipping process for your e-commerce business efficiently and effectively. Bookmark this page to refer back to as you begin to place your orders. Happy Shipping! 


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